Normali Meraviglie: La Mano

C-Zone in collaboration with Triennale Design Museum presents the exhibition Normali Meraviglie: La Mano, curated by Alessandro Guerriero and Alessandra Zucchi. A polychrome exhibition interpreted by over 50 international artists and designers centered on a ceramic hand, designed by the artist Mimmo Paladino. The drawing of the hand has been donated to the Sacra Famiglia Foundation active in support to persons with disabilities. 53 artists and designers, Italian and foreign, have been called to rework the “hands” with drawings, paintings, and objects. During the charity gala dinner, held in the Triennale Design Museum, the “hands” were assigned through a lottery. The proceeds were donated to the Sacra Famiglia for the development and support of laboratories, structural part of the “Normali Meraviglie” project.


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